10 Celebrities With Great Make Up Lines and Beauty Brands

Celebrities are often used to endorse various beauty products. Of course when they have such beautiful faces, it’s no surprise that they will end up being offered to be the face of well-known brands.Some people have become skeptic of make-up connected to celebrities because most people think that it’s pretty tacky to do so. However, many celebrities also use their platforms to launch their own make-up lines or beauty brands that are truly worth your money.

Here are 10 Celebrities With Great Make Up Lines and Beauty Brands

1. Drew Barrymore – FLOWER

Teaming up with Covergirl, Drew Barrymore was able to come up with a beauty line that is available at Walmart at affordable prices. She claims that not only does her line of make-up feel good but they also look good without your pocket being much lighter. Her make-up products are made in the same places where high-end make-up is made but Drew believes that people deserve to get good quality make-up without being too costly

Celebrities With Awesome Beauty Lines

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