10 Celebrities With Shocking Addictions

Celebrities are from all walks of life with their own burden. Addiction has been something that has been attached to the name of many actors and actresses we admire today. But not all of them are drug-related though. Even famous, it doesn’t separate them from the little quirks and weirdness everyone has. However, with the pressure surrounding them, some of these stars may have addictions that are a tad different from the normal rock’n’roll story we’ve heard. You might even relate to some of them!


10. Terry Crew’s Pornography Addiction

Terry Crews is currently making headlines for admitting his pornography addiction. Although he no longer suffers from this, he claims that it almost ruined his life and his wife almost threatened to leave him. Finally, he admitted to himself that it was time to seek professional help and even went to rehab for it. He says that he used to be able to watch porn all day long, yikes!

celebrity addictions

Source: MuscleandFitness

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