10 Celebrities Who Committed Serious Crimes

Hollywood is filled with shocking moments, however publicity has a good way of turning things around even if it’s the most negative such as a celebrity being arrested. Many of the stars we see today has had a run in with the authority once in life whether it being as simple as a DUI. But just in case you forgot, there are some stars stars that have committed terrible crimes that go beyond the usual.

Here are 10 celebrities who committed serious crimes:

1. Mark Wahlberg – Assault

Wahlberg actually has had a history of police charges since he was 13 for drug use. His assault charges started at 16, when he attacked two Vietnamese men on the same day but ton two different times. Although he was charged with attempted murder, he pled guilty to assult and got away by only serving 45 days of a 2 year sentence in Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction.

celebrity serious crimes

Source: All4Women

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