10 Most Expensive TV Shows That Were Ever Made

It’s not uncommon to hear hundreds of millions of dollars spent on movie nowadays. To achieve the special effects to wow audiences, many studios pull out all stops. However, to put millions on a TV show per episode is a bit riskier as it’s quite hard to predict what will hook audiences enough to stay on for the whole season.

However, which way you look at it, one thing is certain, that show-business is not only a tough industry but a costly one at that too.

Hare are the 10 Most Expensive TV Shows That Were Ever Made


Cost per episode: $4 million

Fox was more than eager to jump on this series, that instead of start of with a test pilot episode, they immediately purchased a 13 installment season. After-all Steven Speilberg has gave his approval for thi which was huge, and so the network took a risk in ordering the time-travel/dinosaur sci-fi series. The 2-hour premier alone cost $14 million to produce and with the continuous massive sets, incredible amounts of special effects, cast travel to Australia, Fox just couldn’t bear the financial cost only after the first season. The show did have a fanbase of 10 million so the show was offered to other networks, but until now, it seems there isn’t any luck for it.

most expensive tv series

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