10 Great Actors Who Have Never Won An Oscar

Leonardo Di Caprio’s recent Oscar win was a moment everyone rejoiced. The internet almost exploded with joy and memes were created almost instantaneously for this win. However, despite one of the greatest actor of our generation receiving an award, there are still a lot of great actors who haven’t received the coveted honor of an Academy.


Here are 10 actors who people are still waiting to see go up the Oscar stage and get the prestige they deserve.

1. Johnny Depp

Despite being nominated twice for Best Actor for “Finding Neverland” and “Sweeney Todd”, Depp still hasn’t been able to take home a coveted Oscar. He did come close in “Finding Neverland” as the film garnered awards during its release but did not succeed.

Actors with no oscar

Source: Artcreationforever

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