10 Highest Paid Celebrity Endorsements

Many brands boost their popularity by having celebrities represent them. It is crucial for a brand to choose a celebrity that would be the right image for them. Of course, with that said, these celebrities are paid ridiculous amounts be the spokesperson for these brands and hearing million dollar deals is nothing new. However, some celebrities get paid much more than others and here are the 10 highest paid celebrity endorsements up to date.

10.¬†Justin Timberlake – McDonald’s $6 Million

Justin Timberlake was initially paid $6 million in 2003 for an endorsement deal with McDonald’s. He recorded the song “I’m Lovin’ It” and shot the music video. However, it has been controversial as Timberlake claims to regret the decision, perhaps because he never realized how influential the song would become, as not it only did it improve the company’s image, boosting their market share by 45% but that 10 years later it still plays everywhere.

Top paid celebrities

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