10 Highest Paid TV Actors and Actresses Today

Showbusiness is a tough business to break into, however, when you do finally make it, it becomes very rewarding. So many stars today have been in the industry for a while before they were finally given their big break. Although many initially hope to become movie stars, sometimes it’s being a star in the small screen that really pays off. In the case of most these stars, apparently comedy is the genre that really brought the big paychecks in.

Here are the 10 highest paid TV actors and actresses of today

1. Jim Parson – $29 Million

Jim Parsons stars as Sheldon Cooper in the CBS long running comedy show, “The Big Bang Theory”. Despite his unusual personality, many viewers have come to love his character the most. It’s no wonder that after 9 seasons, he is able to demand a paycheck of $1 million per episode. Bazinga!

Highest Paid TV Actors

Source: Salon

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