15 Highest Paid Reality Stars of 2016

Reality TV has certainly taken over the tube in the past years. Despite still having numerous dramas and fictional shows, perhaps one of the reasons why reality shows have risen to popularity is the fact that people are able to relate more to the realness of these stars. Although it is a widespread fact that a lot of reality shows nowadays are scripted, it hasn’t stopped people from tuning in every week and waiting for the whatever drama will be on.

With millions of viewers weekly tuning in, it’s no surprise that these reality stars are raking in big money. Here are the highest paid reality stars up to date.

15. Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) – $1 Million + Bonuses

Willie Robertson is the star of the A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”. The show’s popularity has risen dramatically over the years and it’s all thanks to Willie. Despite Phil Robertson starting the business many years ago, it didn’t really take off as much as when Willie took the reigns. Starting from $50,000 a season, it leaped to $200,000 and then was raised to $1 million since last year. It is also said that he gets a bonus of $100,000 when an episode surpasses 5 million viewers.

The Richest Reality Stars


Source: Parade

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