7 Times Kylie Jenner Copied Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are a tight bunch. They have been making headlines for their fashion style and has taken over social media. With so much followers among the girls and mostly the same people, it’s quick for them to notice when one sister sports another one’s look. However, what has been most obvious is Kylie Jenner’s attempts to pull off Kim Kardashian’s looks. Is it merely because Kylie looks up to Kim or does she aspire to be as much of a social media star as Kim is? We’ll never know.

One of the top looks that caught fan’s attention is when Kim posted a nude photo with certain parts censored and Kylie followed later wearing a black two piece which seemed to show off the same effect. But it wasn’t first time she seemed to have mimicked Kim.

Here are 7 Times Kylie Jenner Copied Kim Kardashian:

1. When they both sported the sheer top, all black jacket over the shoulders look. 


Kim did doned the outfit 10 days before Kylie.

Source : Nydailynews

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