8 Features Modern Kids Never Saw In Their Parent’s Cars

If our cars today are insanely high-tech already, just imagine when 30-50 years after, these will be considered vintage cars, and what they’ll have in the future would be… who knows? Hovering vehicles, maybe? I also wonder what would happen if I were to give keys of a vintage car to a teenager? Surely, I was shocked the first time I saw my grandfather’s Isuzu Gemini wheels, and that wasn’t even too old.



This is a pretty old car feature that first appeared sometime 1940’s. But because it’s still part of Sci-Fi films and the ever-classic comic books, teens would probably be okay with this. That is, if they’re still reading comic books.

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Vent windows

Also called wing windows, these were especially popular during the no-AC days. In case you think it’s pretty similar to a convertible, it’s not. It saves you from a good amount of street grime while giving you the right amount of air you need. Also, this helps keep your hair tame.

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Suicide door

Yes, vintage cars have these suicide doors where the door hinges are in the rear instead of in front. Not sure though why they’re called suicide doors. Because of how it is designed or because it exists back when seatbelts are still a dream…

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Horn rings

This feature actually makes me want to get my own vintage wheels. Back in the old days, horn rings were praised for its safety measures, since drivers don’t have to completely remove a hand from the steering wheel. Today, horn rings aren’t necessary anymore since horn buttons are relocated in the steering wheel spokes.

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Ashtrays and lighters

Some cars today still have ashtrays, though not the super modern ones. With the lighters however, specifically the push-in electric ones, it seems they’re totally gone, or really rare. Ashtrays were used to be mounted on the arm rests and the back of the front seats. Some use this to store coins.

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Bench front seats

Bench seats weren’t gone for a long time. They were around until 2014, but not like the very old type of bench front seats. The last to offer it was Chevy wheels and believe it or not, with this type of seat, cars used to fit 3-4 passengers in front.

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Control knobs

Yes. The classics. Control knobs are pretty efficient and how I wish we still have this today. These knobs can be pushed, pulled, twisted, and slid to control different aspects of the car like the AC, defroster, etc. Plus, they’re positioned near the steering wheel, so you can control it without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

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Audible turn signals

Sure, turn signals today still make sound – some of them – as they blink. But during the old days, turn signals scream as they blink. Okay, they don’t. But they used to have high-pitched tone.

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