8 Times Kim and Kanye Made Themselves the Glastonbury Fest King and Queen

Yes, we know, Glastonbury was long over and it was the best festival I missed. I’m still mourning on this. BUT, I kept a really close eye and here’s what I discovered: Kim K and husband Kanye made themselves the official King and Queen of Glastonbury 2015. Yes, that’s right. And you know what else is right?


He covered Bohemian Rhapsody

Who knew West can do Queen? We all do by know. His set was about to finish when he cued for the opening chords of the classic Queen song. And, Kanye West being his ordinary self, opened his mouth and let his magic out.

glastonbury 2015 - 1Via: spin.com


When Kim had a flag for herself

…only the kind of flag she doesn’t want. Festival flags are lovely, we got that. But this flag though. Oh, this flag… One Twitter user under the name @Luke Hopson noticed the flag and made sure Kim and hubby as well as RayJ would see it too.

Via: twitter.com


When someone did something for Taylor Swift

Comedian turned prankster Lee Nelson seemed to haven’t gotten over the Kanye interrupting Taylor Swift incident during an MTV VMA Awards night. So as a “revenge,” Nelson got up on stage as West was starting Black Skinhead.

glastonbury 2015 - 3Via: actmag.com


Pre-Glastonbury list-worthy incident

Apparently, there was a Change.org petition to remove Kanye’s headlining slot. According to reports, West was considered an “insult to music fans” and such petition garnered about 134, 977 supporters.

glastonbury 2015 - 5Via: change.org


What was rehearsed should be performed

Just when the opening of Touch the Sky was on the very brink of kicking off, West suddenly said “that’s not what we rehearsed in the dressing room” and then walked away. I mean, off the stage. Few minutes later, West was on a platform, lifted to the sky and then performed Touch the Sky.

glastonbury 2015 - 6Via: mobo.com


They arrived via helicopter

Who in the world arrives at a music fest in helicopter?! The West family! Pregnant Kim just couldn’t miss this event and her rapper husband’s performance so, they decided to ride a heli.

glastonbury 2015 - 7Via: realitytea.com


When Kim turned into an ordinary fan

She was part of the big crowd. She was pregnant. She wasn’t seated at the front row on any golden throne of some sort. That night, despite the slut-shamming incident, Kim Kardashian was simply an ordinary fan and a loving wife filled with pride.

glastonbury 2015 - 8Via: dailymail.co.uk