9 Famous Women Who You Didn’t Know Prince Dated

Prince death had shocked the world as it was one of the most unexpected things to happen recently. Prince was a music legend that many people looked up to and admired. Many people poured their condolences over the worldwide web when the news hit, including celebrities and a lot of the women Prince had dated before because not only was Prince a music man, but he was most certainly a ladies’ man as well.

Here are 9 Famous Women Who You Didn’t Know Prince Dated:

1. Apollonia Koter

Apollonia starred alongside Prince in the iconic movie, which was also Prince’s number one hit, “Purple Rain”. The song “Manic Monday” was actually written by Prince for Apollonia. Despite Apollonia saying they were never an official couple, she admitted that their closeness was far more than friends.

Prince’s lengthy list of lovers

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