Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Welcome Their First Child

Since their secret marriage last 2012 that stunned the entire Hollywood (because really, how do you keep your marriage secret when you’re in a well-watched, idolized relationship), people have been keeping their eyes glued on celebrity couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. And just recently, the couple had another big news.

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Last December 2014, Lively finally gave birth to an adorable baby girl. She’s walked various red carpet events with her baby bump and of course, the baby kicking inside there and just last month, baby girl finally entered this world.

Baby Violet is the first child of the 27-year-old actress-entrepreneur and Green Lantern star.

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But despite being newborn, Violet already made bigger buzz when people suspected her name was Wallpaper. Apparently, this couple is pretty secretive and they’re good at it. It was reported that Blake Lively used some code thing in telling her dear friend Amber Tamblyn about the newborn.

“She was texting me about a wallpaper, she was like ‘you gotta come see my new wallpaper’ and I went up there, and there was her baby.” Tamblyn stated.

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So no, Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds didn’t name their baby Wallpaper. Welcome to the world baby Violet and warm congratulations to the Reynolds. And to the fans and supporters, we better learn the code Lively’s using.

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