Is Your Celebrity Crush One Of Those Who Have The Best Bathrooms?

One good mirror and my bathroom is complete. Really. I can go with no hot tub, no hot shower, even no safe shelf for my books. So long as there’s clean water, working tap, and a good, – no, a large – mirror, I’m fine with that. Nonetheless, I’m also okay with these luxurious baths that I swear I won’t leave when I set my foot in it. Is your celebrity crush’s bathroom included in this list?


Jennifer Lopez

Of course J.Lo would top the list. And if this is a list of those who wore the best gown in the most red carpet events, she’s probably be number one, still. Her bathroom in Hidden Hills, Cali is so laidback and luxurious!

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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Now moving on to Hollywood Hills, this crib is such a stunner. A glass-roofed bathroom? I’ll take that! Legend and Teigen sure know how to mix and match materials. Now let’s drool over this fancy bath…

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Joe Trohman

Member of Fall Out Boy, there’s no question why Joe’s bath look like this. His buddies probably did the interior design. Or maybe him. The paint and tiling are so flawless; not to mention the masculine black drawers that ties everything in together.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo’s home is located at Palm Springs. Leo has one off the most impressive celebrity baths ever. Just imagine creating a wall like this – how long do you think it would take? Plus, the glass and mirrors made the wall look even better!

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Scarlett Johansson

Now this is seriously a luxurious bath; no questions asked. Celebrity bathrooms are meant to be luxurious, I get that. But this one in Johansson’s LA home, this is way bigger than the word luxurious.

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Caitlyn Jenner

Jenner’s Malibu residence was bought at $3.5 million. Yet her bathroom alone looks very expensive already. I love how the gold and brown were incorporated. And yes, I do love the giant mirror. Basically, the overall design is simple, but the Jenner touch – now that’s one of a kind.

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Matthew Perry

Okay, so this house of Matthew Perry was already sold, but I still can’t get over how modern and chic hiss bathroom is. I mean, the fact that if’s facing a waterfront view… add to that the fact that the color palette used is so soothing.

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Zooey Deschanel

When you live in the Manhattan Beach area, your bathroom better be as grand as this one. Deschanel’s neutral-colored home is the best representation of cool. Just see how natural light plays in her bath.

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Liv Tyler

Once, Steve Tyler’s daughter lived in this Los Feliz home, and her bathroom is so classy. Remove the chandelier and it will look like a typical, chic bath. Add the chandelier and it will be striking. And that’s normal, of course. We’re talking about a Tyler here.

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Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger

Can we set aside the split-up news and focus on how stunning this bathroom is? I mean, it’s so Avril in all angles. That bathtub is also worthy of special mention. I’m not into this color palette though, but this is a win.

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