Chinese Kids Are Dressed in Offensive Shirts Because Parents Can’t Read English

Looking for new t-shirt trends? You think the weather in your place is t-shirt-friendly? Wondering how to make use of your shirt in a very cold weather? Regardless, this article will tickle you ‘til you’d want to shop for new shirts.

China just placed itself on the fashion map recently and the reasons are not very okay. Images started to surface where Chinese people of all ages are wearing shirts and dresses featuring obscene English words. English words have long been part of China’s fashion and style, but these words used are not really appropriate for clothing.

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In fact, there’s this one couple who were recently blasted with not-so-nice comments after they posted a photo of their child wearing t-shirts with offensive English words printed on it. Turns out, the parents can’t understand nor read English. As for the child, he seemed to have no clue as well.

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Then, more and more similar images were uploaded by the netizens. While we cannot confirm that the uploader is also the wearer of the attire, we can confirm that it’s not an isolated case. There were also some reports by typical people of China seeing similar kinds of shirts in stores and boutiques.

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Shanghaiist noted that most of these clothing products may be from a mall in Luoyang, Henan. It would be difficult though to file cases against the sales manager or store owner because apparently, even they have no clue what their products are actually saying.

China has a Consumer Protection Law where consumers can return products if they think it features vulgar and offensive words. The law further notes that consumers are ‘entitled to be treated with dignity.” But how are we gonna stop these unpleasant t-shirt trends when even sellers don’t understand the prints?

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