Fashion Model Meet and Greet: 8 Models During the 2015 Runways

“Modeling? Pssshh… How hard can it be?” Well, it can be quite hard in many angles. While most people think modeling is all about walking and ramping down with glamorous clothes on, there are many other angles that only real models know and by real models, we’re referring to those walking on runways wearing luxurious brands like Chanel. Apparently, being in this industry requires extensive discipline, first and foremost, and bagging a project or two is a whole new story. Check out how these 8 well-known models of today started their journey.


 Gemma Ward

Having an older sister who’s also a model, the field is nothing new to Gemma. However, she noted that her own modeling career was a total accident. She was just accompanying few friends to an Australian modeling competition when she ended up being scouted too. Although she didn’t won the said competition, a spotter from Vivien’s modeling agency saw her potential and made a show reel, which reached model scout David Cunningham. At age 15, Ward debuted on Australian Fashion Week.

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