Fatal Car Accidents That Ended in Miracles

Sometimes, all we hear and see on TV, radio and the Internet are fatal car accidents which ended up tragically in death. In this article, we look at the accidents and the miracles that happened to the survivors.

Martin Donnelly was in Spain competing for the 1990 Formula One race held on the Jerez circuit. His Lotus 102 suddenly speared off at about 140 miles an hour into a barrier. Even when he was strapped in his seat, he was thrown off from his car while it had gotten completely obliterated.

Martin Donnelly

Photo Credit: Oddee.com


A 14-year old girl was trying to cross one of the busiest sections in Santa Ana, California. As she was jaywalking, she was suddenly hit by a red truck which threw her into a black Cadillac sedan. Even though she collapsed due to the injuries she got on her legs, she has miraculously survived.

Jaywalking 14 Year Old Girl

Photo Credit: Santa Ana Police Department


Bill Morgan seems like the unluckiest guy in the planet when he got into a terrible truck accident where he suffered a fatal heart attack. He was brought to the nearest hospital where they announced him to be clinically dead for about 14 minutes. He later slipped into a 12-day coma. Even though the doctors recommended Bill’s family to take him off the life support, they didn’t. And with that, all the good luck came his way. He got engaged and won the lottery. Not once, but twice!

Bill Morgan

Photo Credit: CelebrityNetWorth.com


A lucky Russian driver, who was driving in Kaluga, survived what seemed to be, a one in a ten thousand car accidents, impossible phenomena. Apart from surviving this terrible accident, he only walked away with a couple of broken ribs while the other driver only had slight bruises.

Lucky Russian Driver

Photo Credit: vireg.ru


Arnold Schwarzenegger could just be THE Terminator. In 2001, Arnold got into a massive and terrible motorcycle accident. He was hospitalized for several days after incurring six broken ribs. In the accident, his chest directly hit the windshield of his car while trying to avoid an oncoming car.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Photo Credit: AFP/ Gabriel Bouys


Gary Busey is considered to be the most notorious accident survivor. In 1988, the actor was picking up his Harley from the repair shop. On his way out, his bike slid on the patch of gravel. The handlebars of his bike then flipped where he then hit his head on the curb. Since he wasn’t wearing a helmet, the damage was alarming. Even the doctors feared that he would not be able to survive as it already caused internal bleeding. And after being in a coma for 33 days, Busey was able to survive without having any permanent damage. He’s now an activist for helmet usage and injury prevention.

Gary Busey

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/garybusey


In 1990, musician Billy Idol, was riding his motorcycle in Los Angeles when he ran past a stop sign. His bike collided to the oncoming car which almost crushed his leg. Almost getting an amputation, Billy had a steel rod inserted instead to his leg.

Billy Idol

Photo Credit: Wenn


On October 9, 2014, a Filipino nurse, currently based in Saudi Arabia, luckily survived a fatal car accident in Doha, Qatar. Unfortunately, the other five Filipinos with her were killed. While on the road, their car got hit by another vehicle which consequently put the car on fire. All the other passengers with her sustained burn injuries. As for her, she is now recovering at the Hamad Hospital.

Filipino in Doha Qatar accidents

Photo Credit: Arabnews.com


In Jacksonville, North Carolina, a fatal car accident cost a 5-month old baby’s mother along with three others’ lives. The patrol troopers reported that a sedan had sped fast a red light where it crashed into their car hitting the passenger side. The crash killed the driver, the infant’s mother. He, Gabriel, was in the back seat secured in his little car seat. The mother, Rachel Delisle, was running errands as what she normally does on a regular basis and drives through the intersection. In this particular day, the regular errand, turned into a tragedy. Luckily, Gabriel survived the horrific accident which ultimately took his mother away from him.

5 month old survivor

Photo Credit: WNCT STAFF