The Only Guided Meditation You’ll Ever Need

Meditation is undeniably one of the best ways to calm our minds. This world is a pretty chaotic place and it’s inevitable to be drowned in such chaos. Because technically, we as our individual selves contribute to it. Thus, with the help of meditation, we can transform our minds and practice clarity, concentration and emotional positivity.

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For some, learning meditation is easy peasy. It’s like it’s already within them, just waiting to be unleashed. But there are also those who need further assistance on every step. I am one of them. We’re the kind of people who generally rely on guided meditation.

Guided meditation is where we listen to someone blabbering. Okay, no. we listen to someone providing us a step by step method on how to meditate; how to transform our minds into an organ more peaceful than ever.

And then, there’s this guide I found that fits my personality perfectly. Uploaded on YouTube by Jason Headley, it’s called “F*ck That: A Guided Meditation” and yes, it’s the best, the one and only guide you’ll ever need.

Why? Because sometimes, we need to hear those words. Sure, they are not so nice words but here’s the thing, do you know someone who likes metal or rock music. Science said that these kinds of music actually helps people ease their emotions. This is generally how this new meditation guide works. Those words bring calm into our minds, making meditating extra effective.

So the next time you meditate, or the next time you consider learning meditation, this guide is something worth listening to. And it’s free! You got nothing to lose.