Instagram is So Trending Parents Are Naming Their Newborns after the App’s Filters

If you are giving birth on 2016, would you go with the trend of naming your child after an Instagram filter? It looks like IG will be with us for a very long time. It’s such a great app and millions of people love it for millions of reasons – one of which is its magical filters. But it looks like some people are being on this photo sharing app way too much.

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According to Baby Center, one of its most popular names in 2015 is Lux. While it’s technically not an Instagram filter, this photo editing tool allows you to balance brightness and exposure for an Instagrm-ready pic. And while it sounds more of a boy’s name, Lux is also pretty high on the scale of girl’s name.

Other trending names include Juno, Ludwig, Amaro, Willow, and Valencia. If these are not familiar to you then you are not an Instagram user. Sure, they are not new names. They’ve existed many, many years ago. And they are nice names too.

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But to think they trended altogether in this era, where they’re also used as IG filter names – our world is definitely full of surprises. Are you going to use these popular names in your IG photo and upcoming bundle of joy?

Instagram filters as baby names don’t sound bad. But it does sound a little weird, don’t you think?

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