Kylie Jenner Before and Now: Plastic Surgery or Make-Up?

Kylie Jenner’s social media fame has certainly got everyone buzzing about her everyday. However, as everyone knows, fame nowadays always come with a price and Kylie is no exception. She is subjected to intense scrutiny and every change on her physical appearance is greatly questioned whether she’s undergone through the knife. She has continuously denied any surgery before and only ever admitted to lip fillers (finally, after she continuously said it was all about her make-up). Here is a comparison of Kylie’s features before and now so you can judge for yourself!


1. Her Nose

Many have pointed out how noticeably smaller her nose has become since become an adult. She has pointed countless of times that it is due to the make-up techniques she uses, and has even showed on her app her make-up routine. Judging from this picture, it doesn’t seme like Kylie had any drastic nose change, but then again, the best surgeons always makes the best and subtle changes. You decide! (Take note had been previously edited on her lips, but it does take off the focus from her lips in the meantime)

kylie jenner plastic surgery

Source: WetPaint

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