Meet the 8 Fashion Bloggers Who We Wish Would Start a Clothing Line Right NOW

When I was working my way through blogging, most people told me to blog about a broad genre. Fashion is one of it. Turns out, regardless of how broad that genre is, if it’s just not your feels, it would still be ridiculously hard. So instead, I’ll write about these amazing fashion bloggers who are so passionate you would think they already have a clothing line.


Happily Grey

Mary Seng is the bestie and fairy godmother of all minimalist fashionistas out there. Ever heard of the rule do not over-accessorize? Head on to Happily Grey and you’ll never hear that rule again.

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Color Index

This blog is popping with color and we just love it. The person behind it, Monling Lee, is an urban and architectural designer and she’s one hell of a fashionista. If she’d design a clothing line, I swear to all pins and needles I’m going to purchase every single one of it.

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Style Scrapbook

Andy Torres is all sorts of chic. Her style fits everything under the sun and she sure is going to be in focus once she decides to set up and design a clothing line.

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Trop Rouge

A New York City blogger, Christina Caradona has been running Trop Rouge for god-knows-how-long already. Because really, why dig the dates when you can dig the style? If you’re up for the coolest mix of attire, this blog is for you!

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What sets Polienne apart from other blogs is the fact that it’s girly and all but it also has this bit of androgynous style. So if you want something new in your style, Paulien of Polienne is the fashion blogger to check.

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Dallas Wardrobe

Calling all aspiring fashion bloggers, Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe is conducting an everyday lesson called The New Southern Charm. And… she’s not. But we do wish she would and then she’d start a clothing line.

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Nicolette Mason

Who said plus-size people can’t be fashion bloggers? Check out Nicolette Mason and her blog and drool over her style. This lady is one gorgeous fashionista who knows how to play with clothes well. Definitely, her original designs would sell out fast!

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Gal Meets Glam

And then we’re down to our final blogger, Julia Engel. Julia is the lovely lady behind Gal Meets Glam and she has this killer sense of style you won’t find elsewhere. Also, that killer sense of style would do wonders once she decides to set up her own clothing line. Fingers crossed!

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