How Much Does Hillary Clinton Spend On Haircuts?

Well if you ask me, I don’t spend a penny for my haircut. Because if not me, friends are there to do the buzzing. Perhaps this is one of the many perks of having your head half-shaved. Perhaps Rihanna and Demi Lovato also saved a lot when they shaved parts of their gorgeous locks. Perhaps Hillary Clinton should consider this kind of hairstyle.

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Why? Because, like her husband Bill Clinton, Hillary just made the news for having hair issues.

Year 1993 when Mr. Clinton had a haircut at Air Force One whilst it was idling at LAX for one hour. As a result, two runways had to be shut down and numerous flights had to be diverted. This Mr. Clinton cut cost around $200 and now, this controversy is being referred to as the Hairgate.

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Apparently, Mrs. Clinton isn’t going to let herself have no haircut controversy. Last July 26, Hillary caused a lockdown at Bergdorf Goodman – at least just a part of the department store – and with her huge entourage, went straight to John Barrett Salon. Reports say Clinton was spotted being ushered through the side entrance of the Fifth Ave store and it was confirmed by some sources that the lockdown was indeed for Mrs. Clinton; to get her hair done.

It turns out, Clinton is a regular and very loyal customer of John Barrett Salon, where John Barrett himself do the hairstyling for the now presidential candidate. Further reports say the Hillary Clinton’s haircut – literally haircut and blow-dry only – costs $600, and Berrett charges an extra $600 for hair color. I’m seriously considering this Hillary Clinton’s haircut if ya’ll don’t mind.

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Fine, so it’s not confirmed whether or not Clinton paid for her haircut, but who doesn’t pay for salon services?