News Flash: The Weekend Was Accused of Ripping Off Majical Cloudz’ Unleashed Video

His music video, Hills, which was released about 3 months ago made the news. Why? Because it’s a bad**s video and, well, The Weekend is undeniably a great singer-songwriter. But after months of positive news, the 25-year-old Canadian artist is now facing not-so-great news.

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It was reported recently that Abel Tesfaye, commonly known by his stage name The Weekend, was accused of ripping off Majical Cloudz’s unrelased music video.

According to director Mitch Moore, the music video of Can’t Feel My Face, a single from The Weekend’s new album Beauty Behind the Madness is “almost identical to an unreleased promo” that he shot for Majical Cloudz.

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But the thing is, Moore’s video for a promo was never released because of creative differences between him and the Montreal-based band, Majical Cloudz. Now, he’s calling plagiarism for The Weekend’s new music video, which was directed by Grant Singer.

In fact, Moore made an Instagram post days ago (which was immediately deleted) of a side-by-side video of Majic Cloudz’ unreleased visual and The Weekend’s music video. He expressed his sentiments and anguish in that post.

Both The Weekend and Majical Cloudz still haven’t released any comments on this issue.