More People In The Delivery Room Please… Wait, Is Crowd-Birthing A New Trend?

What used to be a very private moment is now turning to be a typical activity many moms want to share to the world. Back then, it’s only the first photos of a baby that’s being shared. The rest before that photo are kept in mom and dad’s room. Laboring photos, birthing photos, videos of all kind – all these used to be shared to close family members and selected friends only. Today, they are shared to the world.

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And you know what else is shared? The laboring and birthing process itself. According to a video survey by Channel Mum, a parenting blog, teens and moms in their twenties have about 8 people present as they give birth. Honestly speaking, that’s not really a lot, if you compare it to the Kardashians who filmed birth process to show it in the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode.

Now back to the ordinary people, it also appeared that a quarter of moms share their experience on various social media sites. And this is regardless of how the mother gives birth. Sorry dad, this precious time is not reserved for you alone.

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No doubt, crowd-birthing is becoming more and more popular. With the technology available today i.e. smartphones, there’s no question how or why this new trend was born in the first place.

And then Motherlandia is divided in to two. Some moms say there’s really no problem with this. In fact, it’s great that women are sharing their birthing experience so that they can give the new moms an idea of the reality of it. Because you know, movies tend to exaggerate things. And technically, with a lot of women getting pregnant at a younger age, this angle has a point.

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But on the other side of the coin, crowd-birthing also increases the chances of women feeling pressured and sometimes, judged. This is a stress to moms who ended up having C-section as they might feel like they have failed at giving birth.

So if you’re invited by someone to witness her magical experience, or if you see someone share it online, might as well be careful with your comments. Giving birth is very empowering but at the same time, kind of painful. Yep.