Road to Orlando Bloom-Katy Perry Romance

Recently, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry seem to be headlining the entertainment business with their ‘romance’. Although they haven’t confirmed that they are indeed a couple, the two have been seen awfully a lot out together to be just friends. But for people who have been out of loop or hasn’t quite been following these two, it can be quite a wonder as to how they even get started! Here’s a quick rundown of the Orlando Bloom-Katy Perry romance!

The Meeting

It all started when the single dad and the “Fireworks” singer were initially seen flirting at the Golden Globes 2016 after parties, in which both of them attended. Although it seemed harmless flirtations, it was enough to catch attention of the onlookers, as they were too cozy with each other, dancing and sharing a vape pen at some point. Even then many already suspected that this could be the start of something new, as the elusive Orlando has not always been so open about previous flirtations.

katy perry orlando bloom romance

Source: Pulse

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