Most Shocking and Saddest Celebrity Deaths in 2016

2016 has just started, but it seems that tragedy is unavoidable as some of Hollywood’s beloved stars had finally dimmed. The sad news of death came one after the other that many people had not even gotten over the death one beloved Harry Potter actor before news of a music icon passing. Here is a list of some of the celebrities we lost this year, with the music industry taking the most tolls.


Cara McCollum

Cara McCollum, or more known as former Miss New Jersey, was only 24. She died 7 days after she was involved in a car crash and had sustained serious injuries, in which she eventually succumbed to on February 24. She was also, at that time, a Princeton student. She didn’t use much of her fame for her own benefit and rather used her titled as Miss New Jersey to promote literacy to inner-city kids which made her passing a sad day. Even after her death, her organs were donated.

celebrity deaths 2016

Source: ScallyWaganVagabond

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