The Shocking Truth about Online Dating (And Probably Reasons You Should Try It)

Have you ever considered online dating? Do you know anyone who found his/her partner through the realms of internet? Have you ever been in a long-distance online sort of relationship? If you think it’s not going to work, it’s a crazy idea, it’s an act of desperation, it’s just not real… better think again. Science has spoken and here’s what it has to say.


Online dating is not synonymous to hookup culture

No, people. Definitely not. The online community may have contributions on the hookup culture but that’s not to say online dating encouraged it. No-strings-attached kind of relationships and sexual activities have long been around even before these websites and apps were born.

In fact, according to a research by the University of Portland just last 2013, “today’s college students actually have less sex and fewer sex partners than those who dated before the age of OKCupid.” So if you’re bored or bitter of being single for like 2 years, and thinking of checking in to dating websites for the purpose of hooking up, better think again. It might not work.

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There’s really not much difference between relationships that started in real life and those that started online

For the record, online relationships (or at least those that started online) is not useless. Like any other relationships, it’s capable of thriving and staying strong for years, some for a lifetime. Yes, the truth about online dating never sounded so good.

A 2012 study from Stanford University discovered that there’s actually no difference between relationships that began online and relationships that started, let’s say in a coffee shop or in a park or whatever… you get the point. That is, in terms of strength and quality.

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In fact, relationships that started online have higher chances of betterment

I’m not trying to break your hearts here, lovebirds. But this is what science said. A research posted on the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health showed that married couple who met online are less likely to be divorced.

According to researcher John Cacioppo of the University of Chicago, this can be because those who communicate online tend to disclose more information about their lives compared to those who met in real life. As a result, the relationship/bond becomes stronger.

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