Sound Trip Is Now Easier With This Bluetooth Headset That Can Be Stored On Your Wrist

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have been widely available in the market for many years now. The moment it was first introduced, people immediately knew it’s their new must-have gadget. And through time, such headphones have evolved.

Today, a new stylish and highly innovative gadget is trying to solve your headset problems. And with how its campaign is going, it looks like it’s on the road to success. Soon, this product will probably be listed as one of the best Bluetooth headphones there is.

HELIX - 1Via:

Introducing, HELIX. Created by Ashley Chloe Inc. with headquarters in San Francisco, HELIX features a wearable cuff where the stereo Bluetooth headphones are stored. Taking it out from the cuff is literally as easy as tapping the play button on your smartphone.

The simplicity of its looks is the total opposite of the process of bringing this idea to life. In fact, designing it alone is already very complicated since none of us wants to wear something bulky on our wrists. There are tons of wearable gadgets out there – from fitness trackers to smart watches, but there’s still no reliable Bluetooth headphones that can sit on your wrist. HELIX is the answer to that.

HELIX - 2Via:

Because our hands will always be busy throughout an ordinary yet high-tech day, we need to set it free; and by free, we mean lessen the gadgets we need to hold. Literally. With this new Bluetooth headphones, listening to music and storing your headphones won’t be a problem anymore. Any time of the day, you can simply remove it from the cuff (that looks more like a bangle than a storage for gadget) and you’re good to go.

HELIX - 3Via:

Once HELIX is connected to your smart phone, you can enjoy long hours of sound trip without dealing with tangled earbuds, or worse, lost earbuds. The on-the-go design of HELIX is still up on Kickstarter so you still have time to back it up. Go Pledge and get yourself one of the best Bluetooth headphones before it even hit the market!

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