Top 6 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World for 2016

If you have some hundreds of dollars to spend on a hotel suite, then you’re probably looking for the best of the best. It may be a ridiculous idea to pay an unimaginable amount of dollars for one night, but for the rich and elite, only the best matters. So in case you’re interested and wanting to know what’s in these expensive suits and how much they cost, here are the Top 6 Most Expensive Hotel Suites in the World for 2016:

1. The Royal Penthouse Suite  – $80,000/night 

The Royal Penthouse suite is not only well-known for being the most luxurious but it also the largest in Europe, as the penthouse alone is 1,680 sqm. Some of the awards it has won include, “World’s Leading Hotel Suite” at the World Travel awards.

Where: Hotel President WilsonGeneva, Switzerland

What’s in it: 12 luxury bedrooms, marble bathrooms, private terrace, a breathtaking view of the lake and Mont-Blanc, one of the 3 biggest Bang & Olufsen TV screen in the world (BeoVision 4-103 flat-screen) with sound system, a Steinway grand piano, a billiards table, a collection of ancient books and pieces of art, a private gym, a private lift, maximum security and bulletproof windows.

 Most Expensive Hotel Suites

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