What’s With This Jacket That Makes Everybody Go Gaga About It?

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced trouble with tangled headset/earphones. Raise your hand if you had trouble finding your passport in one snap. Raise your hand if you love using neck pillows but hate bringing them. We all share these typical dilemmas, but dilemmas that are actually affecting us, no matter how typical they may seem to be.

And then there’s this solution; the travel jacket that made waves in the internet and is trending for days now. This jacket is packed with so much typical dilemma solutions that thousands of people are going gaga over it. As a result, it’s considered the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding!

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Avid readers of UrbanTabloid, please welcome the Baubax Travel Jacket; also dubbed as the world’s best travel jacket. It’s got 15 major features but offers a lot more than that. The main goal of this Kickstarter project was only $20,000. Since it was launched only last July 15th until today, the travel jacket has gotten 21,092 backers and pledges of a whopping $3,933,153. Yep, that’s almost 4 million dollars you’re seeing there.

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So what’s with this clothing project? Well, some of its best features include the built-in inflatable neck pillow with an amazing 2-second inflation and 1-press deflation, built-in gloves that slides in and out of the sleeves, built-in eye-mask and earphone holders, and the drink pocket so you can now keep any canned drinks in your pocket as you reach for that phone call.

The Baubax Travel Jacket is also packed with essential tech pockets assigned for every important gadgets we all use. It’s got a pocket for your phone, for your tablets, for your portable charger, and its zipper is actually a stylus + pen + bottle opener in one! Now that’s big! Other features include the sunglass pocket and microfiber cloth, hand-warming pockets, blanket pocket, and the ever-important passport pocket. All these are designed on the jacket strategically so that it remains stylish, comfortable, but at the same time extra useful.

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The Baubax jacket also comes with a detachable pillow for all of its 4 varieties and a detachable hood for two varieties. Now these varieties include the sweatshirt, the windbreaker, the bomber, and the blazer. All of which are available in different colors and for both men and women.

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Designed in San Francisco but founded in Chicago, the company is planning to ship its very first jackets around November 15 of this year. So what are you waiting for? Head to their Kickstarter campaign now, back the project and get special discounts and Kickstarter prices!

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